Year abroad gone wrong?

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Planning an exciting gap year often involves just the itinerary for each unknown destination but it pays to be more precise with your planning just in case something goes drastically wrong.

According to research, some of the most common requests for assistance from embassies and consulates worldwide include: lack of medical or personal injury insurance and travelers running out of or a total loss of money.

Travelers who are away for a long time are advised to include personal injury and personal liability insurance cover as part of their trip; this covers the cost of any accident, damage or injury to you or to another. You cannot second-guess the types of situations that you may encounter, so it is best to plan as widely and precisely as possible.

Taking a year off may seem like the trip of your dreams but if something does go wrong, it could be your worst nightmare. How do you know that your future is protected?

Taking out insurance for medical bills or in case of travel disruption is probably obvious, however, you should consider what could happen if you have an accident that prevents you from working? This is where a workers compensation injury specialist can help. If you plan to work whilst you are away, you should check the law in the country as to whether you require a work permit or visa. Some countries prevent foreign workers from taking posts that local labor could fill, these include bar or restaurant work. You must always be aware of the penalties or fines that could be imposed. The local US consulate won’t bail you out of jail just because you are a US citizen.

And if you do work whilst abroad- are you protected? If you should have an accident or a trip or a fall, can you make a claim for compensation? Making sure that you have all the necessary cover in place is vital and you can do that by speaking to a specialist legal counsel before you go away.

You must inform your insurance company of any dangerous activities you are planning to do. Activities, which may threaten life, such as bungee jumping, may not be covered on an ordinary policy. And what happens if you sign a disclaimer form? Do you still have rights in the event of an accident? Making sure you are in complete control with your finances is as important as ensuring you have the right legal cover in place. Leaving anything to chance could result in you losing out financially as well as physically.

Top 3 things to put in place for a trip abroad:

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Personal injury and Liability insurance

For all three, you should get in touch with a specialist advisor before you leave who will help you access and implement the right insurance and policies. It doesn’t mean that accidents will be prevented but it does ensure peace of mind.

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