What To Pack When You Travel

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Finally getting ready to take that leap into a long-term travel adventure? Is it just starting to sink in? Are you excited and nervous? Do you have any idea what to pack? These are all normal questions to ask yourself when you finally book that first ticket out. Here’s a short list to get you started with where you should begin with packing.


These will be specific to where you’re going. You have a favorite heavy coat that you want to bring with you to Southeast Asia? Unfortunately you probably won’t need it because its always really hot in SE Asia. When it comes down to it you pack what you know you’ll need and then fit any extras in later if you must. But seriously, leave the coat at home.


Always a tough category. Only bring a few essentials and put them in your carry on if you can. Just be aware of security regulations and make sure you’re allowed to have that bottle of mouthwash in your carry on. The reality is that any toiletries you need you’ll be able to by once you land and you can dispose of them along the way. Bring your toothbrush, a small toothpaste, a small deodorant, and small bottles of soap/shampoo. If you run out you can always find more.


While this may seem like a category that can be done without, it really can’t. Your smart phone and all the apps that come with it can be life saving when planning your trip on the move and finding information out about certain attractions and sites. Your iPod can keep you sane, your nook can keep you occupied, and the movies on your external hard drive will seem like a lifesaver when you’re on a 26-hour train journey to your next destination.


It is most definitely an obvious piece of advice but its that important that it needs to be mentioned. Without your passport you can’t go anywhere or do anything internationally. Save yourself from committing the most rookie mistake of them all.


Preferences change from traveler to traveler when it comes to how money should be handled while traveling. Some people like to rely solely on their plastic and take money out at ATMs when they can. Others like to have cash on hand. If you prefer cash, don’t keep it all in one spot. The risk with cash is that you could get robbed (not as common as people think but should be in mind) and the risk with credit cards is that you may not find an ATM. Meet in the middle. Have a little bit of cash on you to ensure you’ll be ok until you find an ATM.

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