Ways To Save Money When Travelling


When it comes to fulfilling ones travelling dreams, it can sometimes be restricted where and how long you go away for by that all dependant factor of money. Many use it as a simple excuse to not go travelling at all, but if you’re organised and prepared to take a few risks you’ll be able to embark on your travelling adventures as early as tomorrow!

Really simple easy things will see you being able to travel wherever you want and for how long you want. The sky will be the limit if you use the following points as a guide on your trip away.

Homestays and Coachsurfing

There are so many websites and homestays around the world you can really take your pick of where you want to go. From Spain to Thailand, to expensive places such Dubai and Singapore there will always be a coach for you to sleep on or a home for you to stay in.

Share Food and Taxis

If you can get a hostel with a kitchen this factor will just make your whole trip so much easier! Eating out at restaurants 3 times a day can get pricey, even if you’re travelling really cheap places such as Thailand and India. Make friends and eat together, not only will you be saving loads of cash but you will also gaining loads of new mates and travel buddies in the process – win!

Sharing taxi will also save you money on travel, so get out there and make friends – after all isn’t that what travelling is all about?

Be Organised, Be Smart

The best way to save money is to be organised and be smart about it. If you book things in advance like flights you will automatically be saving money from the word go. Plan ahead and give yourself a realistic budget each day. Don’t be too strict with yourself as you are on holiday after all, but try and live within relative cheap means.

Travel Write

A great way to fund any travel trip is to travel write about the places you have been to. Many companies and website always want fresh blog posts and may even pay you if they like your article for their site.

If you build up a portfolio of work by writing for free at first you will quickly find paid work in the industry of travel blogging.

There you have it! A few hints and tips to think about to hopefully push along your travel plans and make them reality – live the dream!



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