Visiting the Caribbean: My Favourite Islands



Island hopping in the Caribbean is one of those things that will always leave you wanting more, but with so many islands in the Caribbean it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to deciding which islands to visit. Luxury Caribbean vacations are my absolute favourite way to enjoy the Caribbean and fair enough when you are in paradise you should enjoy that with a side of luxury. I am going to talk a little bit more about some of my favourite islands and some of the things that make them so special. I hope you enjoy reading my guide on this.

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a great mix of Caribbean culture with some great nature to go with it. One thing that tends to attract people to these islands is the huge number of bird species and the perfect island setting to see them. Port of Spain is one of my favourite places to experience the nightlife. I also enjoy getting out onto the sea by chartering a boat. It is always great to be here to relax, enjoy the nature and party, and this makes it one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for me.


Barbados is a mecca for beaches in the Caribbean (of course the other islands have some incredible beaches too) and it has some of the best in all of the Caribbean. Barbados has a number of outdoor activities that I love to participate in, for example you can do all kinds of watersports, hiking, horse riding and golf too. Barbados is also a great place to enjoy some great rum and there are a number of distilleries on the island to enjoy.

St Lucia

This is one of the most special islands to me. It truly appeals to all the senses, especially with the unbelievable sunsets, mystical mountains and palm lined beaches. It is also a great place to enjoy spas, amazing food and some of the best accommodation that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The huge green rainforest that covers the island makes for the perfect place for outdoor activities and this could be anything from hiking to mountain biking through the forest. St Lucia is absolutely magical and an island that I love going back to.

St Kitts

One fact that I love about this island is that a quarter of the land is actually National Park, which suits my outdoor spirit very well. Strangely enough the rainforest within this park is expanding in size all the time, which is a stark contrast to most forests around the world. One of the biggest highlights for me is definitely the untouched dive sites, which are absolutely perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling alike. It is also amazing to see the massive beds of coral under the sea and the schools of colourful tropical fish that have as many colours as the rainbow. St Kitts, I believe, is my favourite of all the Caribbean islands, as special as they all are!