Tips And Tricks For Visiting Antarctica

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Antarctica is the place that you want to get right the first time, because you may never get a chance to visit again. I wanted to talk a little bit more about the things that are possible to do there and how to get the most out of your trip.

Sleep like the Antarctic explorers did

No journey to Antarctica would ever be complete without sleeping on Antarctica itself. Despite the fact that people line up to go on an Antarctica cruise, a good portion of these people don’t actually get the opportunity to sleep on the continent itself. This is a big shame and is something that needs to be done. Some tour providers actually give people the opportunity to do exactly this and you absolutely need to make sure you are on one of these tours.

Find the right time to go

Antarctica is only possible to visit during the summer months of November to March (and thankfully not in the winter time). Each month has something special about it. A good example of this is in March at the end of the summer, this is the best time for whale watching and if this is your thing you should definitely be going during this time. The best thing to do is to pick what you want to see and go at the right time on your Antarctica cruise.

Get a great camera

Seriously, you need to put your money towards a good camera. If you want to take some unforgettable photos then a digital SLR is the way to go. Give it a bit of practice before you leave, so that you know exactly how to take the best photos when you leave. It is also a great idea to bring some spare batteries and memory cards, because you will definitely be using your camera a lot. Batteries drain faster in the cold too!

Layer, layer, layer

It is is going to be cold, so the best thing to do is to layer as much as you possibly can. This doesn’t mean that you need three very thick layers, but rather lots of thin but warm layers. These are absolutely ideal because the weather can vary quite a bit in the summer months. This means that once it is a bit hot or cold you can simply take a layer off or put one back on. It is as simple as that.

Get out on the open water

One of the best ways to experience Antarctica is actually from the sea itself and the best two ways to do this are without a doubt with a kayak or on a zodiac boat. Seeing everything from the sea is amazing, because you get to see a perspective that you could never attain from a cruise ship. You really get an idea of the sheer size of everything, in particular the ice formations and it makes you feel very small It is also a great chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife there!