Taking fine art on a journey across the globe


When it comes to building up an art collection, think little of the value of the works when you purchase it. This is not to say be blasé about expense, be it small or big, but, where finances permit, to simply go with your gut instinct.

In other words, purchase what appeals to you on a spiritual, emotional or aesthetic level. If you are motivated purely by the investment value of a work – which is no bad thing per se – you leave yourself with some challenges.

This includes being stuck with a work of art that doesn’t appeal to you at all, therefore if you were to find it visually mundane, it is a quite an expensive object of supposed beauty to be in possession of.

Works of art do not sell like hotcakes, and the structure of this market is very different to how stocks are traded in more traditional parameters. Think long and hard about the impact of your decision in the immediate aftermath of a purchase.

The lure of overseas life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they consider the lure of living and working abroad. Change is great and while you can certainly benefit from moving to a different area of the country you were born in, a new culture, climate and way of life offers a more dramatic and exciting break from what you’re used to.

Of course, relocating overseas might be influenced by the job you do, and if your overseas sojourn is likely to be for a considerable period of time, you’re no doubt going to be keen on taking your belongings with you. Included in this is your art collection.

Transporting your collection

If you have never transported a work of art to another country – let alone an entire collection – the simple fact of the matter is that it cannot be done in a conventional sense, unless you want to risk damaging your prized possessions.

To do it professionally, where you can pretty much guarantee a certain level of care and expertise, it is important to source a company specialising in fine art removal services, one of which can be found here.

This way you can be safe in the knowledge that your work will be carefully packed and shipped using state-of-the-art techniques. Not only that, the care taken by experts in this area is second to none.

They know what it takes to relocate objects of beauty and worth and how much it means to collectors to receive their works of art in mint condition.

When it comes to shipping, there are particulars that will make certain projects decidedly bespoke, but all in all, there are commonalities.

Some familiar aspects include giving art collectors advice about the details concerning the export of high value goods, customs regulation pertaining to your end destination, the option of an inventory service and insurance options.

When it comes to transporting your collection, only the best will do. It is, as the old saying goes, better to be safe than sorry.

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