Take the Romantic Road through Bavaria


For the romantic getaway that you need to rekindle the passion in your relationship, you should plan a trip through Germany’s Bavaria countryside where you can follow the Romantic Road through pristine nature and scenic beauty that is unsurpassed in Europe.  You’ll find picturesque towns, hidden monasteries, romantic hotels, and medieval castles that will give you a glimpse back in time.  You can drive along this major trade route from the Middle Ages that boasts today of romantic courtyards, castles, and old town centres that are charming and delightful to explore. From lovely vineyards to crystal clear waters to rolling hills you’ll be intrigued by the charm that presents itself at every turn in the road.


Some Highlights That You Should See

Before you leave on your German adventure, you’ll want to make a list of the sights to see along the Romantic Road.  These should include:

  • Wurzburg which is renowned for its famous wines and vineyards.  You’ll find the Residence Palace here which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list of historic locations.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the most interesting and well-preserved medieval city in Germany.  You can walk along the wall that encircles the city and get a fabulous view of the surrounding area.  Take your camera because this is one of the most scenic places for pictures of you and your special someone.
  • The Castle Hotel Colmberg would be great accommodation for one evening of your holiday.  You can stay in a 1000 year old castle that boasts of beautiful architecture and great hospitality.
  • A candlelight dinner in Augsburg which is one of Germany’s oldest cities.  You can dine in a vaulted room, shop in the historic city, or stroll along splendid streets on your way to a museum or art gallery.
  • A night in the fairy tale castle of Neuschawanstein.  You’ll adore the romantic setting, the exquisite furnishings, and the old world ambiance that awaits you in your suite.

Travel Tips for Your Romantic Road Journey

You may want to travel the Romantic Road in the autumn, spring, or winter when the crowds are smaller and the traffic is less congested.  You should begin in Wurzburg and go to Fussen which is about 82 miles from Munich.  It’s a great idea to rent a car so that you can stop and take in the scenery when your heart desires.  You can purchase snacks along the way, beverages to add to the interest of your trip, and spend the night at one of the Bavarian Castles along this romantic route into history.

Final Planning Tips

Because of the remarkable scenery you’ll want to take along your camera and get some great shots of what you are viewing along the Romantic road.  Be sure to take comfortable shoes for strolling through historic districts, and pack comfortable clothing that is suited to the temperature and climate that’s present for your visit.  You should do some research before you go also so that you won’t miss any of the top attractions or sights along the way.

Your romance only needs a spark to rekindle the flames and you can find that spark in the Bavarian hillside of the Romantic Road.

Image courtesy of:  Wikimedia Commons Sir Gawain



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