Private Holiday Rentals Win Over Hotels Everytime


If you have rented a private cottage, villa or other type of property, for a holiday then you are well aware how much better it can be than a hotel. The whole trip feels a lot more relaxed, laid back and free.

The UK is blessed with a plethora of stunning accommodation for rent, you can stay everywhere from the beachfront to the sprawling meadows. Blue Chip Holidays have some of the most amazing properties on offer throughout the UK, you should take a look at them because I know you’ll be amazed at what they offer.


If you haven’t experienced this type of holiday before then here are 4 great reasons why you really need to try it this summer.

Save money

If you choose to rent your own private property for the holiday then you will end up spending less but enjoying it much more than a hotel. If you’re travelling with a family you can save up to 50% on cost when compared to the hotel rates – it’s easy to see the exceptional value private holiday rentals offer. I love saving money on accommodation because it leaves more in my pocket to spend on the trip, which means I can explore and so more activities.

Bring Everyone Together

If you’re looking for the ideal holiday where you can bring your friends and family together then private holiday rentals are definitely the way to go. It could be for New Years Eve or even Christmas, whatever the occasion you will be able to find fantastic properties that can fit all the group in. I have had countless family gatherings in houses we otherwise would not be able to afford if we went as just a couple.

It’s Your Choice

There are so many different properties to choose from, so you draw up your won wish list. Maybe you want a pool, a big hot tub, a BBQ or even internet access – it’s completely up to you and trust me when I say that there’s a property out there for everyone’s needs. Sit down with your family, jot down everything you feel you need for the perfect holiday and pass the list on to the rental company. I am sure you will not be disappointed!