Maldives experiences: why book a twin-centre break?




Twin-centre breaks are always a great way to see that little bit more of your chosen holiday destination – but I think some places are better suited to them than others. Topping my list is the Maldives, a gorgeous archipelago in the Indian Ocean that’s famed for its unspoilt landscapes and ultra-luxurious resorts.

Sounds idyllic? It most certainly is, and below I’m going to tell you why dividing your stay between more than one hotel and island will make your experience even more memorable.

More than 1,000 islands to discover

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason – the fact that the Maldives is made up of more than 1,000 islands. This means that there’s an awful lot to explore, so naturally a break that gives you a chance to stay in a few different places will give you greater scope to have varied experiences.

For me, though, it’s not just a numbers game. Each island of the Maldives has something unique to offer and, while I’ll go into more detail about the resorts below, generally each of these can be relied upon to provide something a bit different. So, that means you can also try new activities, food and more depending on where you stay.

Plus, there’s scope to go on short excursions to local islands by dhoni (which is a traditional boat) – and, of course, if you decide to stay on two resorts that are quite far apart, that means you can check out a totally different set of isles from each. Don’t forget that there are uninhabited islands to visit too – walking around on untouched sand with only the sounds and sights of nature around you is an incredible experience.

Just one resort per island

One of my favourite things about the Maldives is that, by law, each island is limited to just one resort (visit Hayes and Jarvis to get an idea of the kind of thing on offer). That’s brilliant news for travellers like you and me, because it means that you never have to fight for a spot on the beach or elbow your way through throngs of tourists – bliss!

In terms of twin-centre holidays, it makes switching hotels and staying in another part of the archipelago even more of an adventure, particularly if you travel by seaplane, which I’ll talk more about below. If you can, book into resorts that offer distinctly different things – stay in a lavish hotel room in one, for example, and a luxurious water villa in another.

Amazing views from seaplanes

A major part of the appeal of twin-centre breaks is that they give you the opportunity to get absolutely incredible views of the islands. You can travel from one place to the next by either seaplane or speedboat, but I thoroughly recommend picking the former since this gives you far better views.

Just as a quick tip, though, if your luggage is heavy it might need to be carried by boat rather than seaplane, so be prepared for it to arrive a few hours after you.

Going back to the experience itself, seaplanes are renowned for the incredible views they offer – something that’s down to their high wings and large untinted windows. By the way, as well as getting a bird’s-eye view when you’re travelling between resorts, you can also go on seaplane excursions purely for photography purposes – though of course that will be an extra expense. Whatever you decide to do, you need to have your camera at the ready – no excuses!


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