Keep the Pennies in the Pocket

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Nobody wants to be watching the pennies whilst they’re away on holiday. We all work hard for our time in the sun, and when we finally arrive, ready to kick back and relax, the last thing we want to do is worry about how much money we can spend per day, so we don’t run out by the end of the holiday.

Whilst it’s important not to splurge too much, so credit cards don’t take an unwelcome hit, it is possible to have an enjoyable and full holiday, whilst keeping one eye on the budget, not both eyes.

I recently went away for a week, and I knew that I’d taken less spending money than I ideally needed, but I had a back up just in case. Of course, I didn’t really want to dip into my plan B money, so I tried out a few ways to ensure I didn’t spend too much, whilst still getting the full enjoyment out of my time.

Saving money starts the moment you book your break, and a good way to keep a few pennies in the pocket is by looking at options for getting to the airport. Taxis, coaches and trains can all be costly and mean your funds take a hit before you even leave the house. A good way to add convenience to travel plans, whilst saving money is by driving yourself to the terminal. I regularly book airport parking from BCP nowadays, and the difference it makes to my travel days has meant I no longer even consider public transport. Wherever you decide to fly from, and it’s worth shopping around to look for the cheaper flights from different cities, you’ll find a service to accommodate your vehicle, all at a great price and high level of service. Last month I used Heathrow parking with BCP, en route to Istanbul on a cheap flight, and I can’t fault the service I received, so certainly look into this idea.

Whilst you’re away on holiday, you don’t need to put a padlock on your purse, however it is sensible to just be mindful of activities and cost. Full days at the beach, buying drinks on top can be costly, so if you have children, maybe consider booking an all-inclusive holiday, so refreshments are already included in the price. When you’re booking day trips, certainly avoid booking from your rep, as you’ll find costs much higher. There are many street vendors that will offer you the same level of service for a much cheaper price! You can even haggle here, so it’s certainly worth trying. Eating out? Head to where the locals go, as this is where costs will be less and you’ll find more in the way of traditional cuisine, which certainly should be tried. Finally, if you’re heading out for a few drinks, take advantage of offers, such as buy one get one frees!

As you can see, you don’t need to be too mindful to save money, and these small adjustments will mean you don’t dib into your precious savings. Your credit card will thank you for being a little more careful and who knows, you might even enjoy it!

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