How to stay safe on your self-drive holiday in New Zealand


When driving around New Zealand in your rental car or camper van you will most likely stop off at many places, some of these places may be very populated whilst others may be more remote. It is essential that you know the hazards that you may face. The below list of tips is written with you safety and enjoyment in mind. Driving around New Zealand is extremely safe, but just when you visit any new country, you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings and it is a good idea to be aware of any possible hazards. You’re gong to have the trip of a life time in New Zealand, these tips will ensure you and the whole family have a safe and fun time.

– Make sure you have the emergency phone number memorised, 111. This is the number that you should call in the case of any emergency. If it is not an emergency then look in a local phone book or visit the local police station.

– Most New Zealander’s have grown up being taught what they should and should not do when they are at the beach. It is even part of the school curriculum. You will more than likely spend some time on one of the amazing beaches that New Zealand has to offer. If you are not a strong swimmer then make sure you; do not go out beyond chest level, swim at a beach that has a life guard (you will be able to see this from flags on the beach, if in doubt then ask someone) and swim where there are other people around.

– You should always try to take a lot of care when entering the water. This includes the sea and rivers. You should always be aware of the depth, some beaches tend to drop away quite quickly and you may find yourself out of your depth, when jumping into rivers take extra care to check for rocks.

– When boating or kayaking make sure that you wear a life jacket and get some advice from the locals.

– Drinking water from the tap is safe in New Zealand. It usually comes directly from melted snow in the mountains. Only very few areas will have water that is unsuitable to drink – check before you go.

– The sun in New Zealand will probably be stronger than back home, there for you will need a stronger sun lotion to the one you use in your home country.

– When you go hiking or bush walking it is always advisable to go on a well formed track that is well sign posted. it is advisable to go with someone or in a group. Remember to take plenty of water and a torch if you’re going to be out after dark.

The above tips will help you prepare for your journey, people rarely run into trouble when in New Zealand but it’s good to be prepared!

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