Have a Magical Christmas in Lapland


The Wonders of Santa Clause Village

Santa’s Village is the first stop on any trip for families heading on a Lapland holiday 2014, situated in the ring of the Arctic Circle near the Finnish town Rovaniemi. As the official Homestead of Santa Clause, it is the only place to have your picture taken with the man himself, spruce up your Christmas Photos by taking a photo with Santa at his home instead of your local mall this Christmas! Santa’s Village is every Hollywood movie brought to life; think rich red velvets, sky high trees decorated in miles of tinsel and shiny baubles and roaring fires hung with stockings. Send a piece home with a postcard with a Santa stamp! Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs or authentic toys at the shop.


Playtime in Santapark

Santapark is a short sleigh ride away from Santa’s Village. This is the cavernous resort where elves go to school, Santa checks his mail and Mrs Clause bakes cookies. Santapark has activities and entertainment for children and adults of all ages, who descend the steps into a cave that’s been transformed. Let the little ones attend elf school for the day, or hide out in the Disney styled fairy tale corner for storytelling by the fire, while mum and dad unwind with some chilled cocktails in the Ice Bar. Maybe you will even catch a glimpse of Santa and Mrs Clause unwinding after a tough day toy making!


Bring to life Christmas Eve

Lapland has all the ingredients to make that perfect Christmas. Families visit Lapland trying to emulate movie scenes, and act out the lyrics from their favourite Christmas carols.  The area has been designed to make this dream a reality very easily. Spend an afternoon ice skating on an outdoor rink with carollers nearby. Take sleigh rides with huskies and toboggans downhill. Take them to explore the wilderness of Lapland on snow mobile for the family, through woods in the arctic circle. Stroll along old cobbled streets, next to sweet shops and toy stores that twinkle underneath the Northern Lights.


At night, enjoy life like a local and relax in a sauna. When it gets too hot, simply run outdoors and roll about in the snow to cool down, if you are brave enough! The locals believe saunas are a great way to socialise and are ingrained in the culture, but also merit them for keeping healthy and having great skin (a Christmas present for all the mums!). Just jump into an outdoor Jacuzzi to warm back up again, relax with some aromatic mulled wine and gaze at the northern lights. For children who are worn out by days spent with Santa, they can relax indoors with a hot chocolate by a cosy fire, before going to bed early, because Santa’s keeping a close eye on who’s naughty or nice!

For the perfect Lapland holiday 2014, and to have an idyllic Christmas, plan and book early as it’s the most obvious choice for any winter break.

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