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The modern traveler is usually well equipped to take amazing photographs, and even our phones can now capture incredible images. Once they are captured, you can share the images with your friends, and even monetize your experiences with tools such as Dreamstime. Today, it’s not so much about the camera we carry as it is about the places we visit. The world is full of amazing photos; you just have to find them! Let’s look at some of the best spots around the globe.




Asia is the largest continent in the world. So, needless to say, it has a wealth of amazing photo opportunities throughout its massive land area. The ecological and human diversity of the continent provide ample opportunities for professional and amateur photographers alike. Asia contains both the highest and the lowest points on the globe. Climbing Mount Everest might not be a realistic goal, but photographing the beautiful Himalayas is something that anyone can do. Thanks to the rapidly increasing infrastructure, there are a number of tours allowing travelers access to these mountains. Be warned! These treks are only for the very fit and they can be very arduous. If you’re interested in shooting this mountain range, start by looking at Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. You might be surprised at how cheap you can travel to these countries! Again, you don’t have to climb the mountains themselves to experience the amazing landscape. There are tours for all varieties of travelers, and even the most inexperienced can enjoy a short stay at the base camps, complete with epic photographic opportunities. You would be hard pressed not to get an amazing shot!




If you aim to take photographs of wildlife, there is no better place than Africa. Safaris are by far the most popular tourist attraction for photographic enthusiasts, so research and plan according to what wildlife you want to see. If you want to see as many animals as possible, you might want to consider timing your trip with the “Great Migration.” Each year, hundreds of thousands of animals migrate across East Africa in search of water and food. The ensuing herds of animals, including zebras and wildebeest, and antelope, make for an amazing spectacle. The best countries to witness the spectacle are Kenya and Tanzania. Both countries have a wide variety of tours available, ranging from budget safaris to five star camping experiences. Whichever you choose, be sure to bring your camera!


South America


South America is often underrated in terms of diversity, but don’t forget that you can see everything from lush rainforests to Arctic penguins. Perhaps the most famous feature of the continent is the world’s longest river, the Amazon, and the rainforest. Penetrating the rainforest is not for the faint of heart, though, so the average traveler might want to consider a photographic expedition by boat. There are plenty of cruises to choose from, so take your pick. The riverside can be a great place to see wildlife, since many animals come out of the jungle to access the water. If your budget permits, taking an aerial tour of the region can be an amazing visual experience. From the ground, it is difficult to appreciate the river’s winding twists and turns, but from the air, the epic geography of the earth makes for some awe-inspiring photos.

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