London is a city that can be classified as being as old as the hills… despite the utter paucity of them, yet it offers so much it is a must go to place for everyone.  The city is steeped in so much tradition and history that some locals themselves have not an iota of what they are missing out on. There is so much London in the press that it looks as if people only visit for film festivals, fashion weeks and shopping sprees but as London has modernized, the older places that seem to be left out are still the ones with the most thrill factor and authenticity.

One such place is the former Millennium Dome, the O2 Bridge. You need to be strapped in as you walk through the most controversial sight of the new millennium, or rather where it stood. The view is breathtaking however and you get a unique sight on all things London up to 15 miles away, complete with the Gherkin and waterways, serviced by the North Greenwich tube station.

BYOC is a popular experience where the world famous mixologists of London allow you to bring your own choice of drinks and you watch them as they come up with all sorts of routines and mixes that will tingle parts of your body you thought couldn’t be aroused by alcohol. Serviced by the Tower Hills tube station this is one of those night bucket list things you need to do if you haven’t already and should be complemented by the night tour down London’s memory lane.

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August Brill

The Thames River is a magical piece of history having houses of royalty and churches built to grandiose sizes of castles.  It allows for a nighttime meandering experience through all its touristy features, historical venues and plenty of picture-worthy scenery that only eyes should see but only cameras would keep. The waters on a boat ride would allow you to the marvelous view of the famous Elizabeth tower and parliament with a keen timekeeper staring back at you, the Big Ben himself. It is also a good place to view the London eye and once done take in some jazz with a brunch at none other than the Corinthia Hotel and you are sure to have seen London in all its glory.

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Altug Karacoc


The obvious trips to Harrods and Hampton Court Palace are must dos if you wish to take home some great gifts for those special people in your life. To savor the continued class of London then make sure a Shoreditch expedition is fixed on the list. The home of trendy pubs, world class DJs and the obvious tales of London from the patrons turned philosophers and historians will ensure your trip back home is full of laughter and the much needed fantasy and imagination your bucket list must fulfill.