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Many people have heard of the wonders of Cape Town, South Africa, possibly from friends or business associates who visited there and have returned, reporting about its wonderful natural climate, dramatic scenery, friendly people and wide variety of different cuisines, incorporating both local traditions and recipes imported from other countries. Perhaps it is therefore natural that many people decide that they need to check out this unique city for themselves and make the effort, no matter where they are from, to come to Cape Town and discover everything first-hand. That is probably the primary reason why tourism to Cape Town increased in the last year.


A Trend That Shows No Signs of Abating

Not only has Cape Town enjoyed an increase in tourism, but the entire nation of South Africa has also. South African President Jacob Zuma recently announced the results for 2012, in what is known as the South Africa’s Annual Tourism Statistics 2012. The report showed that over 9 million visitors arrived in South Africa during 2012, which was just slightly more than a 10% increase over 2011. Chances are, the success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup events that were hosted across South Africa helped raise the visibility for the country at an international level, putting it fair and square in the sights of many tourists that might have been tempted in the past, but weren’t quite sure if they should make the effort. Now obviously, they are making the effort.

Cape Town Gets Its Share

As might be expected, Cape Town also showed measurable positive growth in its tourism activity. A report by the regional tourism association Cape Town Tourism, in association with Horwath HTL, discovered that the period between December 2012 and March 2013 was strong across all areas of the tourism industry in Cape Town, with increases estimated to be 6% – 8%. One really amazing piece of information that Amadeus Air Traffic Travel Intelligence Solution, a firm that does research on passenger flights, discovered was that the route between Johannesburg and Cape Town is among the 10 busiest airline routes worldwide. That’s fairly significant, considering all of the cities that connect across Europe or even the United States. It shows how important Johannesburg is becoming as an international Airport hub and how desirable Cape Town is as a final destination.

Finding the Right Lodgings

The Horwath report also indicated a strong demand for hotels in Cape Town. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent hotels in Cape Town South Africa. You can easily find comfortable and luxurious accommodation that provides easy access to all of the attractions that Cape Town has to offer. During the period December 2012 to March 2013, the report indicated that over 50% of hotel rooms were booked by international tourists, with over 42% booked by domestic tourists. The remaining rooms went to members of the local population. This data indicates how popular Cape Town is, not only internationally, but also with people from all over South Africa itself.

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