Cool Cities to Visit in Europe on a Budget  


You might not initially think of Europe as a top destination for budget backpackers. With cities like London and Paris as some of the most expensive in the world, it can be easy to blow your whole travel budget in just a few days in some of these places! Traveling on a budget takes some specific strategies and know-how, but it also helps to pick destinations that are quite affordable! It also helps that you can travel between these cities on Rail Europe with a rail pass to save you even more money! So check out some of these great cities for travelers on a budget:


Prague, Czech Republic

You just can’t beat the magical, fairy-tale feeling of Prague, and when you’re here you won’t believe how affordable it is. Because the Czech Republic is not on the Euro, you can stretch your money farther here, finding hostels and restaurants for less than half the price of other major European capitals. And it’s such a central city to travel elsewhere in Europe! Don’t miss the photo ops on the Charles Bridge, and take a tour of Prague Castle to learn about this city’s fascinating history.

Budapest, Hungary

A short ride from Prague, Budapest is packed with impressive architecture, museums and history but you won’t pay the same kind of prices that you would in Rome or Paris. You can find some seriously cheap eats here full of delicious local flavor, and spend the day at a bath in Hungary for a fraction the price of a spa anywhere else.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has become more popular over the years but is still a good choice for budget travelers. With so many university students living here, you can find pockets of the city where food and accommodations are super affordable. And there’s a great free walking tour of the city that will fill you in on all the history of Berlin. Don’t miss a pub crawl to discover some local hotspots and enjoy the thriving nightlife scene in this exciting city.

Lisbon, Portugal

When you’re looking for an affordable to spend your time in Europe, you might not immediately think of Spain or Portugal. But Lisbon is a fabulous destination off the beaten path where you can experience all the great parts of Spanish culture without paying the price of Barcelona or Madrid. Lisbon is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to find a hostel- so don’t miss your chance to snag some great accommodation for cheap, and explore this gorgeous port city.


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