Beautiful Destinations for Romantic Breaks


COTSWOLDS, UK – STAY IN A LOG CABIN                 

The Cotswolds is also rightly referred to as the heart of England and is renowned for its spectacular countryside endowed with captivating natural beauty enough to sparkle romance even in the hardest of hearts. There is a wide variety of accommodation in the region but it is the fascinating log cabins that will really be naturally inviting and romantic as you kindle the flames of romance.

The log cabin parks in the Cotswolds are magnificent and blend fabulously with nature, offering comfort after a long day of walking hand in hand exploring the beautiful landscapes of the scenic surroundings. They are comfortable and private to cater for all your needs, and provide the perfect setting for a romantic weekend break in the UK.



There is no better place to stir up passions than on the charming islands of Maldives. They offer spectacular white sandy beaches, luxury accommodations and fun beach activities that will definitely stoke some passion. You can hop from one island to the next and enjoy privacy and seclusion when you find yourselves as the only inhabitants of an island. Enjoy special spa treatments, take a voyage in a Dhoni boat and head to the direction of the sun; be enthralled by magical sunsets over the ocean surrounded by massive blue waters. You can have fun indulging in exciting activities such as diving, snorkeling or sailing around the spectacular coral islands.


Bali is yet another impressive hideaway for honeymooners offering an exotic twist to a fine tropical experience. It has a wealth of beautiful beaches, misty highlands and ancient temples that make it just right for a romantic getaway. It can also be the perfect destination if you’re looking for a wedding venue abroad too!

Fly in style with British Airways and then when you arrive you will be enticed by the scenic shorelines dotted with enchanting retreats’ special for honeymooners. Many of them offer spa treatments which are ideal after the hustle and bustle of wedding arrangements, fine food fit to feed a king, and sporting and leisure activities that will keep you invigorated. The mountains of Obud are tranquil and cool with magnificent sceneries. Here you will be surrounded by emerald green environment, terraced hill sides, volcanoes and glorious sunsets.  Get immersed in the local culture by attending the shadow puppet shows, Balinese dances or sample the craft boutiques for the ideal memorable souvenir of your Balinese honeymoon.


A Tahitian honeymoon is exceptional: it is all about relaxation in the sun, spectacular over water bungalows, luxurious cruises, spa treatments and numerous attractions that will make your honeymoon most memorable.

Set on the South Pacific this romantic destination combines its exquisite islands, indigo seas and aquamarine lagoons with the irresistible charm of the French Culture. From here you can cruise to the popular Bora Bora Island, is termed as the most beautiful in the world, or cross the massive waters to the dreamy Moorea’s Peaks; take a boat ride to the fantastic Huahine islands which are surrounded by the huge turquoise lagoon. There is much you can do to enjoy your honeymoon in this fabled French paradise to have the best start of your life together.



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