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Uzbekistan may not be a top romantic destination for many travelers, but with its bulbous domes glittering vibrantly under the clear skies, its minarets, mosques and madrassahs depicting of an era long gone are epic and form a perfect setting for a romantic escape.

Major cities in Uzbekistan sit elegantly along the famous Silk Road and you and your spouse can spend time exploring the ancient architecture that still stands unaffected by modernity. Tashkent is a pleasant city to explore and it offers the best tourist infrastructure than anywhere else in Uzbekistan. It also offers plenty of museums and theatre, where you can enjoy ballet and opera.

Samarkand is a living museum with a collection of ancient structures such as mosques, madrassahs and mausoleums featuring stunning blue elaborate mosaics that captivate the eye. Walk hand in hand with your loved one and enjoy the splendor of ancient empires that still stand tall. You can also take tours with companies like this one which will take you step by step through the most romantic corners of the city.

Bukhara is yet another compelling destination that stirs romance in many travelers. Its tawny gold burnished buildings create such a spectacle during sunset, not to imagine that most of the buildings are over 3000 years old. Uzbekistan is without a doubt a feast for the eyes.


Egypt is a land of wonder, mysteries, ancient world charm and above all an unexpected romantic destination with dozens of spectacular places you can walk hand in hand with your spouse. Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony could not shy away from the charms and romance of Cleopatra in Egypt; hence prepare to be charmed with your loved one right by your side in the wonderful land of the pharaohs.

If your ideal romantic idea is spending time lazing along spectacular sandy beaches with unbeatable coral reef, the beaches alongside the Red Sea are the best destination. If the Arabic nights under the dazzling starry sky are your perfect idea of romance, kindle your love by exploring the breathtaking desert sceneries and romantic nights under the stars in a Bedouin camp.

The Nile River is a fantastic destination for lovers, cruising it in a traditional felucca gives you an experience of a lifetime past ancient monuments, cities and enjoying candle lit dinners with in scenic locations. Ask a specialist company like this to arrange it for you so you get the best deal. Whatever your idea of romantic getaways, Egypt will blow your mind with its exotic options.


A break under the cherry blossom trees in Japan is the perfect place to spend a romantic escape with your loved one. Japan is an attack on the senses and everywhere you look, listen or smell you will encounter something new and exciting. Tokyo will blow your mind, stroll through beautiful Japanese gardens hand in hand or head to Mount Fuji for a more energetic experience if you’re a couple that likes to break a sweat. Wherever you go in Japan, you can’t fail but to be enthralled.


India is overwhelmingly huge with varied landscapes, religions, cultures and cuisines that intrigue all the senses. It is an ideal destination for a romantic escape offering everything including isolated islands, backwaters, glorious beaches, deserts, the Taj Mahal, hill stations, deserts and wildlife.

The Taj Mahal, which is a symbol of love and a top touristic destination, is where lovers gather to witness how far love can go. The hill stations offer quite and tranquil destinations for those who prefer less crowded areas. The Kerala backwaters offer relaxation amidst local culture and Rajasthan offers opulent castles amidst harsh desert climate. From the pearly beaches of Goa to the lush beauty of Kashmir and the mysterious River Ganges, India is full of intriguing destinations that are surely a spicy feast for all the senses.


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