5 Ways to Fund a Traveling Lifestyle


Have you been daydreaming over the blogs of those full-time travelers who are off around the world, having the time of their lives? Have you written that off as an impossible dream, that only the richest can afford? Well I’m here to prove you wrong! Traveling as a lifestyle is just as feasible as any other sort of life, with a little smart planning and open mindedness!


Teach English

If you speak English, you already possess a great asset for living and working abroad. Seems pretty simple, huh? Well, you’ll need an English Teaching Certification, such as a TEFL or CELTA certificate. This is a 4-week class where you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of teaching English to language learners. After that, the door is open to you! You can find jobs virtually anywhere teaching English, from elementary schools to universities and language schools for adults.

Watch Your Savings

As all travelers know, it’s essential to have backup savings for those times that work is slow. Why not start one of the Best Interest Savings Accounts Online for that cushion while you’re traveling. Not only does having a savings account give you that extra peace of mind, but your funds will earn interest and grow over time. This may be the most important part of travel, make sure you take it seriously.

Learn Web Design

Guess who needs a website these days? Everybody, that’s who. Capitalize on the need by learning some web design skills, then offer up your services for a fee. You can easily take tutorials online to learn the basics of web design and development, and you can really take these skills as far as you want.

Writing and Editing Jobs

You probably have some idea of how big the Internet is… now who do you think writes that gigantic amount of content? Remote writers, that’s who. If you’ve got a good grasp of writing and have a laptop and internet access, you can make money for writing and editing online. Check out freelancewritinggigs.com for the latest jobs posted every day.

Volunteer Abroad

For adventurous travelers, you can save money on accommodation by volunteering in exchange for room and board. The bonus is that you’ll connect with local people, meet other travelers and have a way more amazing experience than if you traveled like a tourist. Wwoof.com and workaway.com are two examples of sites that will hook you up with hosts.

If you need more information on managing your savings account, I’ve found Birmingham Midshires to have great rates and options so check them out.

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