5 Myths About Cruises Dispelled


Cruises are one of the most popular holidays, and a great way to reach many off-the-beaten-track destinations. They offer great food, entertainment and scenery along the way! Royal Caribbean cruises are one of the top choices, offering tons of great options for your trip. A cruise is the epitome of the saying, “It’s all about the journey..not just the destination!” But if you haven’t been on a cruise before, you might have some preconceptions about them that may not be true. Here are 5 common myths about cruise holidays, followed by the truth:

cruise ship

Being seasick will ruin my holiday

Alright, if you are highly sensitive to becoming seasick and have prior experience with this, then a cruise might not be for you. But if it’s just a fear you have, you will be fine by just following a few precautions. Bring pressure bands, medication or natural remedies that your doctor recommends to combat seasickness. You can pick a trip that hugs the coast, or a vessel that’s really designed for ocean travel as you will be less likely to feel the motion.

I won’t get to spend enough time on land!

Do you imagine that your time on a cruise will be spent mainly on the ship? Well, that’s entirely up to you. You can always check out the itinerary of cruises beforehand to pick one that fits what you want. Many cruises go ashore every day. And many cruises offer excursions from the port, such as scuba diving, kayaking or rock climbing activities. So you’ll never feel stuck on the ship!

I won’t be able to check my email!

Although it’s true that wireless communication is more expensive by sea, most cruise ships these days are well-equipped to deal with your tech needs. You’ll find Wi-fi hotspots and internet cafes all over the ships. So you can go ahead and bring your laptop or mobile internet device; just make sure to leave the work at home on your holiday!

Dinners will always be fancy

If you’re dreading always having to dress up for dinner, don’t even worry about it! There’s always the option for formal dining, but it’s just that: an option. Cruise ships abound with amazing dining options, from casual poolside burger bars to the fancy dining room and everything in between. So dress up one night and dress down the next!

I’ll get sick from all the germs

Do you imagine a total breeding ground of germs aboard those ships? Don’t worry, it’s not like an airplane where you’re spending all your time sharing air with all these people. Cruise ship companies work very hard to maintain high health standards so you won’t have to worry about contracting something aboard. Of course, use common sense to take care of your own health and you’ll be able to enjoy your cruise to the fullest!


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