5 Best Beaches in Eastern Europe

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For too long Western Europe has been stealing the vast majority of the tourism in the European market, but Eastern Europe is finally on the map and it’s planning to fight back! More and more people each summer season are leaving Portugal, Spain and France behind and heading east.

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Queen’s Beach, Montenegro

Beach holidays in Eastern Europe offer amazing value, from cheaper hotels to 3 course meals for a fraction of the prices you’d expect to pay in more ‘established’ holiday destinations. It’s no wonder that this part of the world is growing in popularity. With that all said then, where exactly should you venture in Eastern Europe? Well here’s your answer:


1)   Queen’s Beach, Montenegro

A wonderful country to travel in, with spectacular vistas and amazing beaches – the pick of which is certainly Queen’s Beach. It’s found on the island of Budva and is a favoured spot for celebrities of the region (no surprises there!). Olive trees flank the 300m long stretch of this secluded beach. Yup, sounds like heaven to us too!


2)   Golden Cape, Croatia

Croatia is growing in popularity (and expense) every year so get there as soon as possible, before the prices and crowds mimic the beaches in the West of Europe!  Head over to the island of Brac to see a set of beaches surround in pine trees, it’s truly a sight to behold.


3)   Dermi, Albania

This is warrants a place on list for a whole different reason. It’s doesn’t hold the high class vibe that the rest of the list maintains, however it brings a wonderful rustic charm, taker a 3 hour bus/taxi from Tirana and indulge yourself as (probably) the only foreigner there.


4)   Paradise Beach, Croatia

Certainly on the map now, Paradise beach is a v-shaped beach like no other. Just 14km from Rab, a quaint town in Croatia, the beach is quite easy to access. Lifeguards man the area, watersports are present in abundance – if you like developed beaches, this is the one for you.


5)   Yalta, Ukraine

Both Roosevelt and Winston Churchil have frequented this glamourous enclave in the past which is a huge vote of confidence! Perched on the side of the Black Sea, the surround vicinity isn’t much to write home about but for a quite escape, it’s perfect.


So if you’re fed up maintain the status quo and you think you would like to experience something different for your summer holiday this year, then head to eastern Europe, where your pennies stretch even further and the beaches won’t be as crowded as the more famous destinations around the globe. Enjoy!

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