5 Awesome Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is one of those epic holidays that you just don’t want to spend at home watching fireworks on TV. Ringing in the New Year is a symbol of the amazing things to come, so take advantage and plan an incredible trip to celebrate the changing of the times. With so many great places to visit around the world for New Year’s, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to go. So use our guide to great destinations around the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

full moon

Koh Phanang, Thailand

If partying, drinking and dancing is your thing on New Year’s Eve, you won’t find a party livelier than the Full Moon party on Koh Phanang. The island is known for its wild debauchery and festive atmosphere all year round- but the fun is taken up a notch or five for New Year’s Eve. So enjoy partying barefoot on the beach, crashing in a hostel and waking up to do it all over again.

Barcelona, Spain

It’s just a quick flight from London, so you can easily leave your car at business or short-stay parking at Heathrow for a long weekend in Barcelona. The energy and vibe in Barcelona is unlike anywhere in the world, and experiencing this during New Year’s is simply unforgettable. Take part in the Spanish culture of late night meals and dancing, and join the locals in their tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight for good luck. After midnight, the fun is just beginning as everyone heads out to the clubs for a full night of celebrations.

Tokyo, Japan

If you really love to celebrate New Year’s, did you know that you can celebrate for a week in Japan? Here, the festivities begin on December 29 and last as long as January 4. Fireworks, singing and dancing are just some of the festivities you’ll find here. Enjoy delicious local foods and a real authentic atmosphere in Tokyo for the New Year.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the first and largest city to ring in the New Year, so join them! The fireworks display over Sydney Harbor is truly spectacular, and you’ll enjoy the sight with hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors. Enjoy the summertime weather and gorgeous sights in this incredible city.

Las Vegas, USA

We all know that Las Vegas is the city of sin and general debauchery, so experiencing this for New Year’s is a whole other level. You’ll be spellbound by the vast array of entertainment options here, but be prepared for overwhelming crowds during the New Year’s celebrations. Still, there’s hardly a more memorable place to ring in the New Year than in this utterly famous city.

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